Happy people used to annoy me. I couldn't figure them out. Staying that positive all the time must be terribly unhealthy. I was convinced that it's just a facade, a public mask you put on that hides the sad and bitter and jealousy or as I like to call it, normalcy.

Don't get me wrong, that is probably true in most cases. However, I found out that for some, underneath that smile is just another layer of happy. Then, it got really annoying. 

Because somehow, these lucky people manage to filter the noise (you know, the ones that tell you you're not as happy as you think you are, because you don't have X and haven't achieved Y and Z and BTW, they just bought their kids X, Y, Z), put that in a box labeled "Don't know, don't care, don't matter" and just go on living their lives.
It really got me to try and learn how to not to let opinions, catty remarks and their cousins get under my skin. To just have undisrupted 30 days of gratitude.

Sure, I can be happi-er. In fact, I can be a lot happier (let me marry meet Jon Stewart) but I also need to take a moment to be grateful for things I've accomplished, and...

I just remember I had a point, and it's this: Take a moment to be grateful.

Circular Quay, Sydney 
(And if you can take your moment while enjoying a beautiful view, please do so)
Macarons from La Renaissance at The Rocks (blackcurrant, jasmine green tea, pistachio with sour cherry)

In doing this, I also realised that the only reason I got to this point is because of the parents that I love as much as they frustrate me and I frustrate them. Even now when I could and will pay them back, there is just no dollar tag to the amount of sacrifices they have made and continue to make. So even if we frustrate each other, we're going to be okay as long as we have each other to frustrate. 


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