Seoul Itinerary [Day 2: Jongmyo Shrine, Insadong & Ssamziegil]

Despite it being a UNESCO world heritage site, I never planned to visit Jongmyo Shrine. I had planned a hundred other things I didn't get to do and the shrine had seemed less flashy and exciting in comparison. Still, it proved to be a peaceful and quiet escape in the cool winter morning.

How to get to Jongmyo shrine: 
Take Subway line 1 to Jongno Sam(3)-ga station, head to Exit 3. 
Entry ticket is only 1,000 won and if you go on Saturday, you don't have to join a guided tour and can explore on your own.

We then took a cab to Insa-dong, a charming neighbourhood filled with art galleries and shops selling handicrafts and tea.

Of course, there is also Starbucks.

My favorite pastry shop in Seoul: Paris Croissant 

O'Sulloc Tea House is a store specialising in tea and at their Insa-dong branch, they have a cafe upstairs that serves delicious green tea cheese cake. We bought home some Jeju green tea, which I have crowned the finest green tea of all time and I keep telling my mom that we need to go back just to buy a yearly stash :)
In the middle of Insa-dong is a jazzy shopping mall, Ssamziegil. Like everything in the neighbourhood, it's artsy and hip. I mean, the place doesn't even use stairs!

Lunch at a random restaurant at Insa-dong. When Tripadvisor isn't there to help you, there's always the good old trick of following the crowd :)
Stumbled into this lovely place where we rested a bit before heading out for the thrilling and tiring part of the day.

Up next: Samcheong-dong and Bukchon Hanok Village

Photos taken with Canon EOS 100D (18-55mm kit lens) & iPhone 4s, edited with VSCOcam

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